How to Keep the Cholesterol in Control


How to Keep the Cholesterol in Control:

You will be in danger in some cases if your cholesterol level in the blood increases or it will be above the marginal level. It will bring danger for you. Generally, fat in the blood clots in the artery of heart and build blocks in the heart. As a result, natural blood flow is hindered and it can bring heart attack.



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Key factors

According to the specialists, the natural quantity of total cholesterol in the blood is 200 and the quantity of high-density lipoprotein or HDL is above 35 while low-density protein or LDL is below 170. Again, triglyceride should be below 200. If the level of cholesterol increases than the natural range, many kinds of problems may arise including coronial heart disease. So cholesterol should be in control always.

What should we avoid to control?

In this regard, a renowned cardiac specialist national professor Rtd .brigadier Abdul Malik remarks that we should keep the cholesterol in control. For this reason, we should avoid ice-cream, fast food, ghee, butter, fatty red meat, foods fried with too much oil and so on.

What should we eat?

We have to eat a lot of vegetables, fresh and green vegetable, fibrous foods, and foods that contain less fat, chicken but not the fat, and fish. To control cholesterol we have to do some exercise daily. Exercise increases the blood flow in the body and prevents clotting of the blood in the artery of the heart. If we control the cholesterol, we can keep our hearts healthy and thus the risk of heart attack is reduced.

Be aware of Medicine

Specialists remark that except extreme cases, unnecessary medicines should not be taken anyhow to reduce cholesterol. Those who face difficulty to reduce it by diet and exercise, they can consult with the specialist doctors and take advice. But no medicine should be taken without the proper advice of the specialists.


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