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Top Rated 07 Single Room Humidifiers

best single room humidifier

Serial Product Name Maximum Run Time Customar Rating Brand Quality Tank Size Germ fighting technology Digital Display Price
1 Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic 16 hours  9  Best 1 gallon  Yes Yes Check Price
2 Honeywell Germ-Free Cool  24 hours 8.7 Best 2 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
3 Vicks Warm- best Cool  12 hours 7.9 Good 1 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
4 TaoTronics® Ultrasonic Best 15+ hours 8.8 Best 1 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
5 Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic 24 hours 8.2 Best 3 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
6 Optimus cool mist humidifiers 18 hours 7..0 Good 1.1 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
7 Remedies cool mist humidifier 14 hours 7.2 Good 2.8 gallon Yes Yes Check Price

Top Rated 3 Whole House Humidifier


Serial Product Name Maximum Run Time Customar Rating Brand Quality Tank Size Germ fighting technology Digital Display Price
8 Aprilaire Whole-House humidifier 24 hours 8.6 Best 4.2 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
9 Aircare humidifier MA1201 24 hours 8.9 Best 9 gallon Yes Yes Check Price
10 Honeywell Whole Home Cool Moisture 24 hours 9.6 Best 9 gallon Yes Yes Check Price


What is the humidifier for?

A humidifier is a device which works just like the opposite to an air cooler. Air cooler reduces the humidity by cooling. On the other hand, a humidifier increases the humidity or moisture in a room.

Basically, with the help of a humidifier, the moisture of a single room or an entire building is increased. The common point of use humidifiers is used to humidify a single room. And whole-house or furnace humidifiers provide humidity to the complete house.

Now the question is where a humidifier is needed. In a word, the humidifier is used in the places where low humidity may occur. Low humidity is generally found in hot and dry desert climates or indoor of artificially heated spaces. When during the winter cold outside air is heated indoors, 10-20% humidity may drop.


What are the points of having a humidifier?

It is now clear that humidifier is necessary in a place where lack of humidity occurs. If there is a lack of humidity in a place, it causes some severe health problem as well as other problems.

Adverse health effects can be caused by this low humidity. It may dry out mucous membranes like the lining of throat and nose. It may also cause respiratory distress.

Low humidity has also adverse effect on the wooden furniture. It causes loose joints and shrinkage or cracking of pieces. In low humidity papers, books and artworks may warp or shrink. Those become brittle in a very low humidity.

In low humid conditions, static electricity may become a problem. It destroys semiconductor devices and causes static cling if textiles. It also causes small particles and dust to stick rigidly to electrically run surfaces.

Benefits of using humidifiers.

The benefits of installing a humidifier are many. Humidifier benefits actually are so many to describe. Here are some humidifier benefits.


  1. The spread of Airborne Viruses is prevented.

According to a recent study, if the indoor humidity level rises to 43%, the airborne viruses will be ineffective. Actually, 85% of the airborne viruses are abolished. So, the researchers are emphasizing on the increase of humidity in the hospitals. It is done to protect the doctors, nurses, and visitors from being affected by airborne viruses.

Moisture has also the ability to stop the movement of the germs. It also prevents the spread of many illnesses like influenza.

  1. Fast recovery

Humidifier benefits in another way also. Place an air humidifier in your home and recover your allergies, cold, cough and asthma more quickly. In a well-humidified home, your nasal passages are well-lubricated and it ensures your faster healing.

  1. Higher humidity level helps to release congestion

Well, humidified home will provide you some relax if you have the problem related to nasal congestion. Dry air makes the mucus thick and dry. As a result, the mucus does not flow properly. As a result, the sinuses are not drained properly and congestion takes place. This may cause irritated nasal passage, stuffy nose, painful sinuses and sore throat. But humid air reduces the congestion and helps you feel healthy.

  1. Allergy reduction.

The people having allergies reap the best humidifier benefits. Humidified air reduces the symptom of the allergy.

  1. Preventing Snoring it ensures better sleep

Sleeping in a dry room may break your sleep due to dry nose, scratchy throat and even a headache. Among many reasons, dry and scratchy throat is one of the causes of snoring. So, if you sleep in a humid environment, you will get rid of the problem. As a result, you can have a very sound sleep.

  1. Prevent dry skin

50-60% of human body is made of water. Dry condition pulls out the moisture. So, you may have chapped lips, dry skin, and bloodshot eyes. Only a humidifier can save your skin and body from being dried and water less.

  1. Protect your hair and scalp

Human hair is made of collagen. To remain flexible, the collagen needs moisture. Again, dry, dull and brittle hair results from dry air. Dry scalp is often itchy and becoming flaky, it produces unseen dandruff. So, a well humid environment will keep your hair and scalp healthy.

  1. Makes your home warmer

Researchers have found that dry air is cooler than the humidified air. So, a humidified room helps the people to feel warmer. At the same time, it also saves heating bills.

  1. Keep your pets healthy and comfortable

Like you and your indoor pets also enjoy the same health benefits and comfort. It also saves your veterinary bill. Pure air of a humidified room saves your pets from allergies.

  1. Keep your houseplants healthy and happy

Humidifier benefits are also found in the life of plants. Like the human body, the plants also dry up for a scarcity of humidity. Most of the plants like 40-60% humidity. So, a humidifier will provide your plants the required humidity. 

  1. Prevents damage to wooden furniture

Dry weather generally dries out the wood furniture and makes it crack. It also loosens the joint of a wood floor. Wood doors may change its size and create difficult to open and close. The reason is that the woods need a certain amount of humidity constantly. Only a good humidifier can ensure your furniture to work at their best.

  1. Prevents static

During the dry winter months static electricity is often found increasing. This static can make several damages in the household. If an area is properly humidified, it has the ability to limit and sometimes prevents most of the problems originated from static.

Are humidifiers good for babies?

This is an important thing to know before installing a humidifier in your home. Babies have generally very sensitive skin and respiratory system as well. When indoor humidity drops less than 10 percent during the winter season, irritation may be found in the skin, nose, and lungs of the babies. The viruses also grow massively in this cold and dry air condition. If a baby is attacked with the respiratory infection, it can’t take the strong medicine like the adults. So, the humidifier for babies is now frequently suggested especially during the dry winter season.

Benefits Of Humidifier For Babies

Humidifier has a good number of benefits on the baby’s health. The benefits can be pointed as below.

  • It releases the baby from cold symptoms and congestion by moisturizing the condition.
  • Helps them to cure fast.
  • Keeps them more comfortable to fight against cold and cough.
  • Humidifier for kids helps to keep the skin healthy.
  • Humidifiers help the children to have a sound sleep.
  • The soft hum of a humidifier provides the baby a great sleep.

Thus, there is no doubt that humidifier for the kids is one of the most important factors. But some cautionary steps should be taken to keep the device in good condition.

The precaution measures are as below-

  • It should be kept dry between uses.
  • Distilled water should be used instead of tap water in the humidifier for babies.
  • It should be cleaned and disinfected carefully and regularly.
  • And It should be kept unplugged and out of reach.

How do you know your air is too dry?

From the humidifier reviews, it, is clear that you yourself have to know the condition of your home. Humidity monitors are extremely handy and inexpensive as well. If you purchase a very simple humidity monitor, it will let you know the levels of the humidity around you. It will inform you if it is too low or too high or just right.

Overuse Of Humidifiers

Excess of anything is very bad and it is true in the case of humidifier also. Overuse of humidifier has several drawbacks. It may promote the growth of mold and dust mites. It can also cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis. For most of the home, a relative humidity of 30% to 50% is recommended. To control and monitor humidity levels automatically a properly located and installed hygrostat should be used. Again for the correct humidity levels, a conscientious and well-informed human operator can constantly check the humidity levels.


Top 10 Humidifiers: 07 Single Room & 3 Whole-House Humidifiers

The most popular humidifiers are mainly of single room humidifiers. There are so many products of this type but 7 best humidifiers are described here & 3 Best Whole-House Humidifiers described here below the post 

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