How to Buy the Right Running shoes

Running shoe buyer Guide

Checking your local running store for the right running shoes may sometimes be a lot of work considering the fact that there are so many options to choose from. We have highlighted the important points that you need to cover in the process of finding the right running shoes to buy.

First off, you have to make sure the shoes you are buying fits from your toe to your heel. In this article, we will be discussing the things you will have to look out for while trying to buy the right running shoes.

How fitting is the heel?

The heel of the shoes should fit perfectly and should not be tight. Even when the shoe is laced up, you should be able to take the shoes off without feeling uncomfortable.

How secure is the shoe around your instep?

The upper part of the shoe otherwise known as the instep should feel secure and snug, while giving the foot enough space for it not to feel too tight or pressured.

Consider the width

Once you have worn the shoes, your shoes should be able to sit comfortably on the sole and be able to move side-to-side in the forefoot without getting off the sole. Then make sure the width of the shoe is okay; you should be able to at least pinch a part of the upper material. Basically, if the shoe is not wide enough, you would feel it while wearing it.

  1. Length

The shoe you will buy should be long enough to accommodate the length of your feet. There should be a reasonable space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe. You should also be able to wriggle your toes freely inside the shoe so as to prevent issues in the front of your toes.


  1. Flex


Before wearing the shoe, check the flex point by holding the shoe by the heel and pressing it into the ground by the tip. There should be a creasing along the line the foot normally flexes. If the flex point is not balanced, such shoe could cause plantar faclitis or arch pain and if the shoe is not flexible at all, it could cause calf strain or Achilles-tendon.

What is the feel of the shoe like?


There are other details that are more important than just knowing your running mechanics or arch type. You need to find out if the shoe matches the movement of your foot and its contours. This cannot be gotten by just standing except you go running around the block where the store is located or on a treadmill.

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Buying the right running shoes


Running store staffers and salespersons have seen runners make mistakes over and over again when trying to buy the right running shoes. We are sure you would not be making those same mistakes when you follow the advices highlighted below;


  1. Do not look at the fashion side; the fact that a pair of running shoes look cool or beautiful does not translate to feeling the same way when worn. Usually, when runners buy a very cool shoe, they end up returning the shoe because it hurts. When trying to buy the right running shoes, don’t think fashion. Instead, think about fit and feel.
  2. Be conscious of whether the shoe you are trying to buy is tight-fitting as tight fitting shoes cause black toenails and blisters. Women love to have their shoes tight fitting but running shoes should not be overly tight-fitting. The shoes should be roomy enough for you to twitch and twist your toes in them. Not too sloppy, but just adequate.
  3. Shop for your running shoes in the early afternoon till around 4pm. Any time other than that, the foot is usually smaller and this might cause a problem in the shoes you tried on when you wanted to buy that fit properly, and by the next day, it no longer fits the way it felt the previous day.
  4. Do not think your size will remain the same across all brands and make of shoes. A size 9 in a New Balance is not always the same as a size 9 in an Adidas. Shoes are stitched together in different ways and the shape of the upper part of different shoes are usually different. Make sure you measure your feet every time you try to buy a new pair of running shoes and most importantly, try on the shoes to make sure they fit.

There are so many things to consider when trying to buy the right running shoes and given that there are so many options screaming at you to pick them, you have to be extra careful so you do not end up making a choice you may regret or be stressed over.

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