What to do if it fails to become pregnant?

Become a mother

You wanted to become a mother, but despite giving up “anti-baby pill” you cannot become so. Then from “Chabi Ghar” take some tips, which will help you to become pregnant.

“Good Timing” is very essential:

This is not true for everyone, in accordance with the normal rules menstruation of girls normally happened at an average of 28 days gap.

Many, however, have irregular menstruation. So to become pregnant, one should make sexual intercourse with her husband or partner within 7 days of her ovulation.

When is “Good Timing”:

Though it is difficult to understand, which is the actual time of ovulation, generally 10 to 15 days after the menstruation is the probable time for ovulation. This is the right time. So by calculating this time if one can involve in sexual intercourse, the chance of her becoming pregnant is very high. But if she possesses any other problem, then it’s a different matter.

Don’t be disappointed:

After trying for some days if you do not succeed, do not disappoint or blame own self. In some cases, it may take longer. Actually, the pregnancy of a woman depends on various subjects, such as her ability of conceiving, the actual date of ovulation, her general health and how she leads her life.

Folic Acid and Iron Tablets:


To ease up the pregnancy means to increase the ability to conceive and to keep the vagina healthy you can follow some rules. For these, you can take folic acid and iron tablet. However, it must be with the permission of a doctor.

Manners of eating:

You have to be very sincere about your food habits if you want to conceive. Such as food with the rich quantity of vitamin C is a must in your daily food menu. Moreover, different types of nuts and milk or milk related foods help you to become pregnant.

Stay away from mental stress:

Many women suffer from mental stress for not having a baby. Again, this pressure also comes from our society and family. According to gynecologist Dr.Sido, in such cases, one should not bother with such pressures. Because you cannot conceive or become a mother forcefully. Besides that, mental stress is not good for the upcoming baby also.

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