The Benefit Of Guest Post And Forum Post

The Difference Between Guest Post And Forum Posting For Site Traffic

When it comes to SEO, guest posting, as well as forum posting, are two common terms. To some extent, some people use them interchangeably. I wouldn’t blame them since they are similar in various ways. First, it is their aim. The next one is the fact that you do not own the blog or the forum. Nevertheless, the duo is two sides of the same coin. This article makes a distinction between the two. Read on to put to an end this bone of contention.

Guest Posting Vs Forum Posting:

Just as the name suggests, guest posting is writing articles on a blog that belongs to someone else. Its purpose is to earn you traffic to your blog. Preferably, one posts on an already popular blog. Therefore, that will help your unpopular one get the attention of the already existing readers of that blog. That will earn you links. On the other hand, forum posting is not about a blog. You post on an online platform comprising visitors to have an interaction. As you share your opinion on the forum, you have a chance of capturing the attention of potential customers. Let us unveil what each offers, advantages as well as disadvantages. Read on!

Benefits Of Guest Posting

When it comes to SEO, what gains do you get if you consider guest posting? Check them out!

A Ticket To A New Audience

Since you will create a link to your page in the guest post, if your work is incredible you will catch the attention of the readers of that blog. Consequently, they will click the links redirecting to your site. That will earn you a new audience. Additionally, it will increase the traffic towards your website.

Enlarge Social Network

Did you know that there are various ways that guest bloggers can communicate? If you publish a guest post, you earn a chance to interact with your colleagues. You even brainstorm new topics together.

Proof Online Authority

Being an expert in a particular niche is good. Nevertheless, that is not enough. You have to ensure that people become aware of what you offer. Additionally, they should be able to trust you. Guest posting is the best way to achieve that.

Increase Social Media Following

If you go to an established blog, they have a large following already. Isn’t that what you are looking for if you are in online marketing? A great guest post could turn them into your audience. As they share the article through social media, your popularity will snowball. Subsequently, you reach many online readers effortlessly. As soon as they trust you, they will start following too. I wouldn’t imagine a better way to create awareness of your brand.

Earn A Backlink

If a blogger is already famous in a certain field, a backlink from him or her can benefit your site. How can they offer you that if you do not guest post?

Improve Content Marketing Skills

Remember that it is not a guarantee that a blogger will accept the blog post. Therefore, you need to write something impressive. Otherwise, the owner may never publish your article on the site. As you try to impress, you will end up improving your writing skills.


  • It is an ideal technique for reaching out to a large audience, instantly.
  • By guest posting, you can increase your site rank.
  • If a well-known blogger can host your post, that will make people value your incredibility.
  • Backlinks from big blogs not only increase traffic but also improve google ranking.
  • It is a right way of ensuring that your excellent content writing skills remain intact.
  • It earns you an audience that is not only new but also large. That is without you struggling too much.
  • Since the host is already famous, your popularity will increase too. Consequently, you will raise brand awareness.
  • It is an easy way to earn the trust of online readers. Once you win it, the readers become subscribers and pay for your services.


  • If you do not have another source of income, guest posting is a luxury hard to have. The reason is that they do not pay in most cases.
  • It exposes you to spammers.
  • It consumes much time and if you don’t get it right, all that could go to waste.

Benefits of Forum Posting

When it comes to forum signature posting, you also reap some benefits. Read on to find out.

It  Creates A Connection

In the forum posting, people of the same authority are sharing their opinion. During that, there is the creation of links. They may end up benefiting the contributors, eventually in one way or another.

It is a perfect platform to promote your services

As you share your thoughts, you can point out what you offer. Therefore, people reading that will become aware of the services. Sometimes you don’t have to say much. If what you post is convincing, people will want to know how you can assist. That presents an excellent opportunity to talk about your services and sell them as well.

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