What is 3D printer?

The 3D printer is unlike of the common printers. On a 3D printer, the object is printed by three dimensions. A 3D model is built up layer by layer. Therefore the whole process is called rapid prototyping, or 3D printing.

A common process of rapid prototyping is to apply a fine powder (plaster, bioplastic, polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, metal, etc.) in such a 3D inkjet printers. Printer print out the layer of powder on a bed and form a fixed object. The design is defined by a CAD file.

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is another method in which molten polymer is sprayed on a support layer and the model is built layer by layer.


Another way is to use liquids, such as the photopolymer, by the same inkjet-type head which is also printed each layer by layer.

3d pla filament

Following, an ultraviolet light is used to activate the print head so that the liquid layer become a solid layer. This process is also well-known as stereolithography.


The 3D printing process starts from a number of projects from MIT in 2000. This is an extension of the rapid prototyping process where the basic concern was in a short time a prototype model to make.


The first practical application was in production from the metallic material.


The resolution of the current printers are among the 328 x 328 x 606 DPI (xyz) at 656 x 656 x 800 DPI (xyz) in ultra-HD resolution. The accuracy is 0.025 mm – 0.05 mm per inch. The model size is up to 737 mm x 1257 mm x 1504 mm.


Nowadays, 3D printer is mainly used in business enterprises and concepts which demand time-saving. These include medicine, architecture but also the entertainment industry such as game and film industry. Even artists use a 3D printer for their creations in a comparatively short time in a solid shape to print.


Today there are more and more companies that specialize in the printing of 3D models and supply services for business and individuals.


The biggest drawback for the individual home user is still the high cost of 3D printer. Another drawback is that it takes hours or even days to print a 3D model (depending on the complexity and resolution of the model). Besides above, the professional 3D software and 3D model design is also in a high-cost range.


Alternatively, there are already simplified 3D printers for hobbyist which are much cheaper. And the materials it uses is also less expensive. These 3D printers for home use are not as accurate as the commercial 3D printer.




Classification of the vagina:

It is the best way the odor smell is a clue to know which classification of the vagina you have. Otherwise, you may help a physician. A Barmy odor sent the signal that you may have an Unnatural Development of leave in your system. The over-the-counter cure is a topical cream or suppository. The most common brands are  (miconazole), (butoconazole), and (terconazole),  (clotrimazole). These drug (including the generics) are schematic to quickly prevent yeast levels in the vagina, as well as stop the dartre and irritation.

Other antifungal medications are also beneficial in pill form through your physician and do the same thing.

These items, in any case, don’t settle the reason for the problem. yeast in the vagina shows that there is an abundance of yeast all through your entire body. This can prompt a wide assortment of sicknesses. Probiotics are to a great degree successful for diminishing yeast levels in your body. This is because they present “inviting” microorganisms into your digestive framework. These “great” microscopic organisms dispose of the wild yeast that is

assuming control over your digestion tracts and spilling into your circulatory system (that is the means by which the additional yeast got into your vagina in any case). You can purchase probiotics at drug stores and wellbeing sustenance stores. Yogurt contains one of these great microscopic organisms, so eating yogurt frequently, particularly on the off chance that it contains live acidophilus, may control yeast levels in your body.

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The benefits of CALCIUM for WEIGHT LOSS

CALCIUM is such type of a mineral which helps weight loss by lessening the body fat.
Recently, several of the experiments on this topic that is CALCIUM helps reducing the weight loss by lessening the body fat was conducted by Researcher at the University of (PARAVIEW).


A test have been conducted on some women regarding this topic. The Researcher fed those with a lot of food which are rich of CALCIUM. The Researcher Fed a few of food which are rich of CALCIUM to another group of women. According to the result it is seen that those women increase their weight loss than others whom ate more CALCIUM rich food.
The scientist – researcher find a new theory on how calcium, helps to weight loss. They says, if you are lack of CALCIUM in your body then the Parathyroid hormone increases in your blood.

And also this increases the the quantity of active vitamin D in your blood.
This Parathyroid hormones and vitamin D penetrates these fat cells and help getting in the CALCIUM and helps these fat cells more fat to be deposited. As a result of the accumulation of fat in the body, you gain the weight loss.
On the other hand, if high CALCIUM levels can be acquired then the scenario can be changed.

As a result of this it began to break the fats on the body and reduce the fat storage . Which result reducing the weight loss. So if you want to reduce your weight then start to eat those foods which are full of CALCIUM.